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Tue May 22 11:28:04 PDT 2007


The soundfont synth built into Frinika is fully my own code. The drawback with 
this code is that it doesn't implement the full soundfont spec - e.g. it 
reads soundfonts on the instrument level and not presets. Should be possible 
to finish it completely, but I've only made this to meet my own personal 
requirements so far.

RasmusDSP has one author, Karl Helgason (he is also member of the Frinika 
team) - and he has implemented the sf2 spec completely. I don't know if he's 
interested in contributing to the jdk, but if sf2 support is a wish in jdk, 
he has already done the job.



On Tuesday 22 May 2007 18:42:32 Alex Menkov wrote:
> Peter,
> As far as I understand the process, it's no so easy to integrate other
> open-source code to OpenJDK. Code author needs to sign up SCA before the
> code can be integrated (otherwise it will be impossible to port the change
> into SunJDK). In most of open-source projects it's difficult to determine
> authors, often open-source projects contains code from other open-source
> projects.
> So you can contribute to OpenJDK your own code, but you can't contribute
> any open-source code.
> Regards
> Alex
> Peter Salomonsen wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > On Monday 21 May 2007 18:18:54 Alex Menkov wrote:
> >> 1) Software synthesizer.
> >>    Current one support only .gm soundbanks (beatnik proprietary format)
> >> and does not support "industry standards" like .sf2. This task is big
> >> enough (in addition to Synthesyzer implementation it requires to
> >> implement set of related interfaces/classes). This task is not related
> >> with currently closed JavaSound classes so it's already opened as
> >> separate open-source project (audio-engine-dev; unfortunately name is
> >> not informative enough);
> >
> > RasmusDSP ( and Frinika
> > ( are pure java open source software
> > synthesizers that support .sf2 and more.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Peter Salomonsen

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