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cyberGn0m cy6ergn0m at gmail.com
Tue Oct 13 23:08:35 PDT 2009

This way still conflicts with ALSA-based players... and probably with any
other sound players.. In comments i saw that Java uses OSS for sound output?
I think this is a root cause.. This looks it is the same that no sound at

2009/10/14 Paulo Levi <i30817 at gmail.com>

> Try to make the default engine the java audio engine... I think i had
> a test case to see if it worked around here... replace the string for
> the wav file, and also, probably the "Java Sound Audio Engine" is not
> the correct name string in the comparator ... you'll have to see. I
> can't test this now since i don't have a linux here this fails handy.
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