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Alex Menkov alex.menkov at sun.com
Wed Oct 14 05:32:16 PDT 2009

rom1dep wrote:
>     2009/10/13 cyberGn0m <cy6ergn0m at gmail.com <mailto:cy6ergn0m at gmail.com>>
>         Anybody tested java sound on linux? As I know, java uses ALSA on
>         Linux to play audio.. so, i have a problem with it: when java
>         plays sound, other applications can't play anything. When other
>         applications plays sound, java can't. As i know, mplayer can
>         play sound via ALSA and i can open many players and all of them
>         will plays as expected...
> Yepp, I have this problem too and this is very annoying. I found this 
> bug : http://bugs.sun.com/view_bug.do?bug_id=6832063
> but I was asking me recently whether or not the fix is really in 
> progress. This issue has made us (people working on the XtremeMP media 
> player) think on a fallback audio backend based on gstreamer-java for 
> people running under linux

The bug is fixed in 6-open, but the fix is still not integrated into jdk7.


>     If you rather use OpenJDK instead of Sun's, then you can use
>     pulseaudio for playback. Actually pulseaudio is default audio output
>     for OpenJDK on ubuntu linux. Then it's no problem with audio output
>     from multiple applications simultaneously..
> Are you sure ? I use OpenJDK 1.7.0b70 and can't have amarok 
> (gstreamer->PulseAudio) and XtremeMP playing simultaneously on my 
> netbook. Maybe your hardware has some mixing abilities that lets your 
> 'normal' programs play through pulseaudio over a stream while another 
> one is available for java ? You can try this : play something with 
> mplayer or whatever grinding PA, + trying to play a wave file with 
> "aplay <file.wav>". If you have your two streams being played, then your 
> audio card is likely mixing-capable...

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