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cyberGn0m cy6ergn0m at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 00:24:28 PDT 2009

I run mplayer in "alsa" mode and many mplayer's can play sound at the same
time in this mode. Java uses ALSA too, but it gets exclusive access to audio

2009/10/14 PJ leonard <pauljohnleonard at googlemail.com>

> My understanding is:
> mplayer might use pulseaudio which allows the sharing of the soundoutput
> (on my ubuntu this is the default)
> JAVA uses the alsa device directly so it can not be used by other
> applications.
> iced tea JAVA does have a pulseaudio device but I can only produce broken
> up sound using this.
> Paul.
> 2009/10/13 cyberGn0m <cy6ergn0m at gmail.com>
>> Anybody tested java sound on linux? As I know, java uses ALSA on Linux to
>> play audio.. so, i have a problem with it: when java plays sound, other
>> applications can't play anything. When other applications plays sound, java
>> can't. As i know, mplayer can play sound via ALSA and i can open many
>> players and all of them will plays as expected...

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