<Sound Dev> IMPORTANT - PLEASE READ - Retiring the jdk/client repo next week

Philip Race philip.race at oracle.com
Fri Aug 28 17:53:18 UTC 2020


Contingent on Project Skara (ie mercurial ->git / githib) going active 
for the JDK project on schedule
on 5th September, we intend to retire the jdk/client repo/forest as part 
of this transition.

In other words, once mercurial is shut down and we move to git there 
will ONLY be the main JDK repo
and all client pushes will go there.

We will be making some internal testing changes which we hope will help 
us spot any breakages
that pushes cause in time to prevent them making their way directly into 
a promoted build but they
can't completely replace the manual testing we have been doing, so we 
will also be
dependent on folks to be extra diligent from now on and not assume there 
is a gatekeeper
who will spot their mistakes.

But we do need some time to "flush" any last changes in client to jdk 
before mercurial shuts down.

So accordingly the ABSOLUTE LATEST DROP DEAD time for pushes to 
jdk/client should be
 >> 9am PDT Tuesday 1st Sept 2020 <<

Anything pushed after that time may be lost forever :-)

We'll also  further enforce this as of 9am PDT Wednesday 2nd Sept 2020 
by making the client repo
mercurial repo read-only. The 24 hours is to help the integrator/gate 
keeper - not for your late pushes,
For example if there's a breakage we need to back out before integrating 
we might need this.
So not even "doc" or "test" changes - nothing please !

You may reasonably ask why then Tue/Wed for this if skara is not 
transitioning until Sat 5th September ?
The answer is that in an unfortunate coincidence of timing we have a big 
lab move that begins around
9am PT Wed 2nd September, and all our testing capabilities will be 
off-line for several days.
So any test jobs submitted after sometime Tuesday won't have time
to complete, and the lab move won't be complete until after the skara 

Any outstanding reviews that don't make the cut-off will of course have 
to be resubmitted as github pull requests
and any approvals they may have accumulated will need to be re-approved. 
All of this is of course true for
folks pushing directly to the mercurial main JDK repo - it is not 
related to the client repo retirement.


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