<Swing Dev> [PATCH] 6179357-related: Working on warnings removal

Florian Brunner fbrunnerlist at gmx.ch
Sun Sep 9 14:11:23 UTC 2007


here's my first patch. When compiling with
-Xlint -J-Xms80m -J-Xmx256m -Xlint:-serial -Xlint:-deprecation 
-Xlint:-fallthrough -Xmaxwarns 1200
this patch reduces the number of reported warnings from 1185 to 91.

This will be the basis to add generics support to the Swing framework 
and I will try to further reduce the number of warnings once I started 
with this task.

The basis of this patch is revision 250. Apply it at 

I tried not to change any public or protected APIs in public or 
protected classes in this patch.

At many places I tried to add type parameters as meaningful as possible, 
but with some cases I just used Object, if a more meaningful type 
parameter was not so trivial. You might want to refactor this if needed. 
(Though everything should work as it is.)

I also started a new project at java.net: 
https://swing-generics.dev.java.net/ (pending approval)
Am I correct that with the licences of openjdk I am allowed to publish 
the modified swing project in source, binary and javadoc form?

Alexander Potochkin schrieb:
> Hello Florian
>> Hi,
>> I decided first to remove some warning for trivial cases, since even 
>> if I compile with
>> -Xlint:-serial -Xlint:-deprecation -Xlint:-cast -Xlint:-fallthrough 
>> -Xmaxwarns 1200
>> I get 977 warnings! And since most of them are [unckecked] warnings, 
>> it's hard to see, if and where I introduce new [unckecked] warnings, 
>> when adding generics.
> You are right, unfortunately we have a lot of warnings in compile time
> We should have paid more attention to this problem
> Thanks
> alexp
>> Please tell me if somebody else is working on the warnings removal, too.
>> -Florian
>> Florian Brunner schrieb:
>>> Hi Alecander!
>>> Thanks for your help. I installed the basic environment and started 
>>> to work on this issue.
>>> Note that the path at
>>> https://openjdk.dev.java.net/source/browse/openjdk/
>>> as well as at
>>> https://openjdk.dev.java.net/servlets/ProjectSource
>>> don't seem to be correct!
>>> At
>>> |https://openjdk.dev.java.net/svn/openjdk/trunk
>>> there's only a www directory!
>>> Instead I checked out
>>> https://openjdk.dev.java.net/svn/openjdk/jdk/trunk/j2se/
>>> Is this the correct path to work on the Swing project?
>>> I'will post to this list again when there are more news or questions 
>>> arise.
>>> -Florian
>>> |Alexander Potochkin schrieb:
>>>> Hello Florian
>>>> Welcome to the swing-dev
>>>> The RFE #6179357 is definitely worth investigating
>>>> we was going to generify Swing for 1.6
>>>> but unfortunately didn't have enough time
>>>> Your fixes are welcome
>>>> Here is the information how to contribute:
>>>> http://openjdk.java.net/contribute/
>>>> For now the process is:
>>>> Become a contributor
>>>> download openJDK
>>>> make the fix
>>>> ask any related questions on this list
>>>> submit a patch
>>>> we'll assign a sponsor who we'll review your fix
>>>> and put it back when it is done
>>>> The whole process will be simplified when we complete moving to 
>>>> Mercurial repository
>>>> For this RFE you don't need to file JSR
>>>> as you mentioned changes should as backward compatible as possible
>>>> but we'll need the request to the special committee which keeps 
>>>> track of the Java public API, the sponsor will do it for you
>>>> Please note that we prefer to make the incremental fixes which fix 
>>>> the particular problem, I mean, not to mix e.g. generifying and 
>>>> optimization
>>>> in one fix but split it to two ones.
>>>> >I want my
>>>> > progress to be visible by the public. So what is the best 
>>>> strategy? Work at
>>>> > openjdk.org? Work at SwingLabs? Start a new project at java.net?
>>>> The current process doesn't seem to provide much visibility for the 
>>>> public. To make it visible I personally would do the following things:
>>>> - start a project on java.net
>>>> (not sure it helps for this particular case)
>>>> - blog about your progress and discuss it with the community
>>>> (this is the best way to make your work visible)
>>>> Thanks
>>>> alexp
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> I'm interessted in the RFE "6179357: Request interface 
>>>>> javax.swing.tree.TreeModel to have a generic type for nodes". Is 
>>>>> there already someone working on this issue? If not I would like 
>>>>> to help there.
>>>>> I want to address following issues:
>>>>> - add generics support to the Swing framework
>>>>> - provide support for new language features like varargs
>>>>> - provide better support for the collection framework
>>>>> - optimize code where reasonable
>>>>> Do you think this is a good idea? How probable will such a change 
>>>>> make its way to the "official" jdk?
>>>>> I sent the signed SCA to Sun. So what would be the next steps? I 
>>>>> want my progress to be visible by the public. So what is the best 
>>>>> strategy? Work at openjdk.org? Work at SwingLabs? Start a new 
>>>>> project at java.net?
>>>>> Should I work on a branch of openjdk? Or should I copy the current 
>>>>> revision to a new repository? What is the easiest/ best way to get 
>>>>> the source back to openjdk?
>>>>> Is a JSR needed for such a change? Note: the suggested changes 
>>>>> should be backwards compatible (eg. thanks to the "raw type 
>>>>> feature" of generics), as far as I can see up to now. (The only 
>>>>> exception is of course reflection, which can always break if you 
>>>>> change an API).
>>>>> Thanks for your help.
>>>>> -Florian

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