hg: valhalla/valhalla/langtools: Fix bugs in inner class specialization.

maurizio.cimadamore at oracle.com maurizio.cimadamore at oracle.com
Mon Oct 20 13:20:39 UTC 2014

Changeset: 06ebcca65d13
Author:    mcimadamore
Date:      2014-10-20 14:19 +0100
URL:       http://hg.openjdk.java.net/valhalla/valhalla/langtools/rev/06ebcca65d13

Fix bugs in inner class specialization.
* Fix inconsistent numbering in inner class specialized tvar names
* Fix NPEs caused by caching logic stashing 'noType' as placeholders for non-specialized tvars
* cleanup logic for mapping unspecialized tvars to specialized tvars
* add basic smoke test

! src/jdk.compiler/share/classes/com/sun/tools/javac/comp/SpecializeTypes.java
! src/jdk.compiler/share/classes/com/sun/tools/javac/util/List.java
+ test/tools/javac/valhalla/typespec/Inner01.java

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