Thoughts on peeling and readability

Richard Warburton richard.warburton at
Sat Dec 12 09:29:50 UTC 2015


Yes, there are thoughts and plans :)  But we're focusing first on the "how
> do I write a fully generic ArrayList" first, and then we'll turn to how
> this could be further hand-optimized for specific instantiations.
> (It's worth noting, though, there are actually not that many concrete
> examples.  ArrayList<boolean> is an obvious one, as is HashMap<int,int>
> (the literature is full of optimized Map implementations for this case.)
> And things like Optional<ref>, which can have a more compact representation
> than Optional<int>.  Beyond this, the "obvious" examples tail off pretty
> quickly.

Are you able to comment on whether you plan to offer more flexible
specialization plans than just specific instantiations? For example is
providing a specialization for the generic type HashMap<K, V> where K = V
on the cards?


  Richard Warburton
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