Value Types in Object-Oriented Programming Languages

B. Ritterbach ritterbach at
Sat Jul 18 10:19:58 UTC 2015

Hi, Vlad,

again, I must apologize for not writing the thesis in English.
(It would have taken me one year longer at least.  No joke, my English 
writing abilities is horrible and slow.
Probably I could try to run the thesis through an automatic translator?)
I shall be happy to answer questions or explain the essential parts in 
English, by writing or talking.

A few month ago, we (my supervisor and me) have published a conference 
article about the separation of value types and object types and its 
implications on equality and identity. (A so-called "modified equality 
contract" plays an important role in it.)
The article is merely a small part of our work (it roughly corresponds 
to chapter 8 of the thesis), yet it gives an impression of the way a 
programming model changes if values and objects are consequently 
separated. And most important of all - the article is written in 
English. :-)  Here is the link:

Cheers, Beate

On 18.07.2015 01:18, Vlad Ureche wrote:
> On Fri, Jul 17, 2015 at 6:06 PM, B. Ritterbach <ritterbach at 
> <mailto:ritterbach at>> wrote:
>     As an appetizer and a first impression, here is a sample of some
>     of the thesis' essential ideas:
> I wish I understood German... Simon, I envy you so much right now :)
> Are there any plans to prepare an English version as well?
> Cheers,
> Vlad

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