Announcing: valhalla-spec-{observers,comments}

Brian Goetz brian.goetz at
Mon Jan 11 21:08:35 UTC 2016

As promised, we've now set up the additional mailing lists, 
valhalla-spec-observers and valhalla-spec-comments.  Here are the details.

valhalla-spec-observers at is open to anyone to subscribe, 
and subscribers may post to it.  Traffic from valhalla-spec-experts is 
automatically forwarded to valhalla-spec-observers.  This list is 
primarily intended so that people can follow the EG list traffic easily, 
and also for people to have discussions within the -observers community.

The primary means for the community to provide feedback into the design 
and specification discussion is valhalla-spec-comments. Periodically, 
comments from the -comments list will be "read into the record" on the 
-experts list, where the EG can discuss the issue raised if it wants.  
But with this access comes responsibility!  Specifically, a post to 
-comments should be well-reasoned, self-contained, and focused on a 
single issue (as well as clear and polite, of course).  Think of it as a 
suggestion box; we guarantee that it will be seen by the EG, but if you 
want it to be taken seriously by the EG, put some time and effort into 
making your point clear argument.

Note that -comments *cannot* be subscribed to; it can only be posted 
to.  (The reason for this is simple; having discussions on this list, 
which is inevitable were it subscribable, would defeat the purpose.)  
The postings are archived, and their content (if appropriate) will 
eventually show up on the EG list.  Postings are archived, and moderated 
to manage spam and otherwise inappropriate content.

On 12/14/2015 3:07 PM, Brian Goetz wrote:
> It's time to take the next step in Valhalla's evolution.  Accordingly, 
> I've created the valhalla-spec-experts list, which will be the 
> precursor to an eventual JCP Expert Group, and will operate under the 
> JCP-friendly ToU.  This list is publicly archived in the obvious 
> place, and the initial membership includes both corporate 
> participation (Oracle, IBM, Red Hat, Jetbrains, Google) and 
> individuals from the OpenJDK community.
> As was the case when we formed the Lambda experts list, the role of 
> valhalla-dev should now revert to its intended purpose, which is to 
> discuss the *implementation* of Valhalla in OpenJDK. Examples of 
> appropriate discussion topics for valhalla-dev include:
> - Bug reports
> - Code review comments
> - Test cases
> - Build or porting problems
> - Migration experiences for your own code
> What we are trying to avoid is: having design discussions play out 
> concurrently in multiple places with differing sets of players. So 
> please, we ask that you exercise restraint in commenting on active EG 
> discussions -- as design decisions start to converge, we'll announce 
> them here, and of course the primary place for implementation will 
> remain the valhalla repositories.
> Please remember that EG discussions often happen at a different pace 
> than in other open-source projects.  Days can go by without a 
> response, but this doesn't mean that the EG is not thinking about it, 
> doesn't care, or is "stumped".  Often it simply means the EG members 
> are working privately (or with their teams) to figure out what their 
> position is, and will respond when they've thought about it more.  So, 
> please let those discussions play out.

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