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Richard Warburton richard.warburton at
Wed Jan 13 12:22:21 UTC 2016


As promised, we've now set up the additional mailing lists,
> valhalla-spec-observers and valhalla-spec-comments.  Here are the details.
> valhalla-spec-observers at is open to anyone to subscribe,
> and subscribers may post to it.  Traffic from valhalla-spec-experts is
> automatically forwarded to valhalla-spec-observers.  This list is primarily
> intended so that people can follow the EG list traffic easily, and also for
> people to have discussions within the -observers community.
> The primary means for the community to provide feedback into the design
> and specification discussion is valhalla-spec-comments. Periodically,
> comments from the -comments list will be "read into the record" on the
> -experts list, where the EG can discuss the issue raised if it wants.  But
> with this access comes responsibility!  Specifically, a post to -comments
> should be well-reasoned, self-contained, and focused on a single issue (as
> well as clear and polite, of course).  Think of it as a suggestion box; we
> guarantee that it will be seen by the EG, but if you want it to be taken
> seriously by the EG, put some time and effort into making your point clear
> argument.
> Note that -comments *cannot* be subscribed to; it can only be posted to.
> (The reason for this is simple; having discussions on this list, which is
> inevitable were it subscribable, would defeat the purpose.)  The postings
> are archived, and their content (if appropriate) will eventually show up on
> the EG list.  Postings are archived, and moderated to manage spam and
> otherwise inappropriate content.
> On 12/14/2015 3:07 PM, Brian Goetz wrote:
>> It's time to take the next step in Valhalla's evolution.  Accordingly,
>> I've created the valhalla-spec-experts list, which will be the precursor to
>> an eventual JCP Expert Group, and will operate under the JCP-friendly ToU.
>> This list is publicly archived in the obvious place, and the initial
>> membership includes both corporate participation (Oracle, IBM, Red Hat,
>> Jetbrains, Google) and individuals from the OpenJDK community.
>> As was the case when we formed the Lambda experts list, the role of
>> valhalla-dev should now revert to its intended purpose, which is to discuss
>> the *implementation* of Valhalla in OpenJDK. Examples of appropriate
>> discussion topics for valhalla-dev include:
>> - Bug reports
>> - Code review comments
>> - Test cases
>> - Build or porting problems
>> - Migration experiences for your own code
>> What we are trying to avoid is: having design discussions play out
>> concurrently in multiple places with differing sets of players. So please,
>> we ask that you exercise restraint in commenting on active EG discussions
>> -- as design decisions start to converge, we'll announce them here, and of
>> course the primary place for implementation will remain the valhalla
>> repositories.
>> Please remember that EG discussions often happen at a different pace than
>> in other open-source projects.  Days can go by without a response, but this
>> doesn't mean that the EG is not thinking about it, doesn't care, or is
>> "stumped".  Often it simply means the EG members are working privately (or
>> with their teams) to figure out what their position is, and will respond
>> when they've thought about it more.  So, please let those discussions play
>> out.
Thanks for taking the time to setup these mailing lists. I think it would
help people who are beginning to look at project Valhalla to have links to
both spec-observers and spec-comments on the main valhalla project page.


  Richard Warburton
  @RichardWarburto <>

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