Minimal Value Types Early Access Binaries are now live...

David Simms david.simms at
Sat Dec 16 06:57:44 UTC 2017

Just in time for Christmas / New Year,

"Minimal Value Types" Early Access Binaries:

There will be a quite period leading up to the end of the year, where 
staffing levels and responsiveness will be low. But by all means, take 
the binaries for a spin and raise your issues on this mailing list. New 
builds addressing bug fixes and issues will be produced as required, the 
first one probably around mid-January.

Keep in mind that "Minimal Value Types" (MVT) is an experiment, much of 
external facing for Value Types will be changing. Case in point: "LWorld 
prototype - initial brainstorming goals/prototyping steps" [1], shows a 
direction whereby Value Types are more compatible with existing 
bytecodes, rather the numerous "v-byte-codes" found under the covers of 
MVT. That said, much of the internal VM representation, like layout and 
JIT scalarization of value types likely remains.

Happy Holidays from Project Valhalla


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