MH compilation is broken in valhalla(mvt branch) build

Sergey Kuksenko sergey.kuksenko at
Fri Jun 16 23:13:26 UTC 2017

Hi All,

I found that in valhalla build (mvt branch) MH compilation is broken if 
MH is stored in non-final field. Cost of MH invocation is increased 
~100x times.

Benchmark sources and compiled jar file could be found:

* on Java9 & Java8

Benchmark            Mode  Cnt  Score   Error  Units
XMH.walkFinal        avgt    5  4.500 ± 0.276  ns/op
XMH.walkNonFinal  avgt    5  4.856 ± 0.011  ns/op

* on MVT
Benchmark            Mode  Cnt    Score    Error  Units
XMH.walkFinal        avgt    5    4.406 ±  0.016  ns/op
XMH.walkNonFinal  avgt    5  457.484 ± 10.550  ns/op

These benchmarks are Java8 compatible and doesn't contain any Q-types.

Besides, Vladimir told me that:

 > I briefly looked into the benchmarks and it seems the difference is 
caused by a compiler bug: there are no compilations happening for 
stand-alone lambda forms with Q-types.
 > So, when inlining doesn't happen, the Q-typed LF code stays 
interpreted forever.

Maybe that issues are related. Also I'd like to ask is infinite 
interpreting of Q-types LF code known behavior? If yes, are there any 
estimations when Q-types LF will be compiled?

Best regards,
Sergey Kuksenko

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