Paul Sandoz paul.sandoz at
Fri Jun 23 22:17:53 UTC 2017


This adds a findConstructor method to ValueType: <>


Next steps are to investigate re-construction: taking an existing value, one or more explicit component values, and constructing a new value by merging the implicit components of the existing value and the explicit component values. It’s a bit like one or more vwithfield calls but would go through a constructor and perform argument checks etc.

The tricky aspect is reliably extracting out the component values and in a known order so they can be passed as arguments to the VCC constructor.

For MVT i think we can define something useful even if it is a little fragile, so was to make construction easier.

(There are also potential short-cuts if there is no explicit constructor and fields are either initialized to default or some other values, as i think vnew could be used directly for construction).


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