RFR: Value Array element size / value store fixes...

David Simms david.simms at oracle.com
Fri Mar 10 12:16:26 UTC 2017


Whilst in the middle of making sure value reference fields were working 
I discovered number some bugs which can be fixed separately:

  * valueArrayKlass incorrectly using the heapOopSize aligned size (i.e.
      o This meant small values, like a single byte would use up to 8
        bytes per element. This was not the intention, it should behave
        more like typeArrayKlass.
  * ValueKlass::value_store() used "Copy::conjoint_jlongs_atomic()" with
    an incorrect length.
      o Caused overwrite on small values (e.g. single narrowOop)
  * ValueKlass::value_store() use of memcpy is implementation dependent
      o Risk tearing individual primitive and reference fields

Here's a patch to address the problems:


Summary of changes:

  * valueKlass.hpp:
      o Reworked "raw_value_byte_size()" to return the correct pow2
        aligned size for small values, otherwise heapOopSize aligned.
          + This enables the correct element size
          + Is a little expensive to call given it needs to field iterate
      o value_store()
          + Added the ability to specify copy size (for array elements)
          + Added "raw_field_copy()" to copy the correct size for small
            values or units of long (much like "JVM_Clone()" does)
      o Some clean up:
          + Removed static "valueOopDescBase()", replace usage with
          + Removed value_store_<x> helpers
  * valueArrayKlass.hpp
      o Added "element_value_store_size()" to store
        "ValueKlass::raw_value_byte_size()" since it is costly
          + Also helps limit the amount bytes copy due to wasted space
            with pow2 element addressing
      o Add typeArray style memory copy to "copy_array()" when primitive


/David SImms

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