RFR(L): More migration to the L-world

Frederic Parain frederic.parain at oracle.com
Mon Mar 5 16:12:20 UTC 2018

Please review the following patch:


This patch was started as a fix for field flattening but it ended
being an omnibus patch addressing the following issues:
   - Fixed value types runtime tests accordingly to the new language
     support in javac
   - Fixed storage and propagation of the ACC_FLATTENABLE flag in JVM
   - Fixed value flattening for value fields with the ACC_FLATTENABLE
     flag set
   - Fixed uninitialized value for fields with ACC_FLATTENABLE flag set
   - Fixed klass initialization sequence for ACC_FLATTENABLE support
   - Implemented flattenable semantic for value fields with
     ACC_FLATTENABLE flag set
   - Added test to verify flattenable semantic
   - Fixed a bug in the verifier (withfield)

With this patch, most tests in the runtime/valhalla/valuetypes
directory now pass in interpreted mode. Only 3 tests still fail,
2 because of the value array code that has not been migrated to
the L-world, 1 because of the Bytecode API which has not been
migrated either.

Builds and tests (TEST=hotspot_valhalla_runtime) have been run on
Linux/X64 and MacOSX/X64.

Thank you,


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