Valhalla and Java Numeracy

A Z poweruserm at
Fri Mar 9 01:31:28 UTC 2018

-Would Valhalla be predicted to be released with new, in place versions

of float and double, Float and Double, that could immediately

be carried forward through the rest of java,but that don't have

floating point weaknesses anymore?

For example, there is a need for any logic or statements

whatsoever to only give predicted results, and not floating point

under artifacts or over artifacts:

double a = 0.1D;

double b = 0.1D;

double c = a*b;

out.println(c == 0.01D);  //should return true, but does not!

-People would perhaps like the option to have operator overloading

on precisely two classes.  They are BigInteger and BigDecimal.

What does Valhalla plan in these areas?

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