[lworld] RFR: lworld aaload/aastore

David Simms david.simms at oracle.com
Tue Mar 13 16:32:44 UTC 2018


Here's a patch to implement the new lworld semantics for aaload and 
aastore with values:


Hotspot implementation currently allows value to be contained in one of 
three types of arrays, and the aaload/aastore differs slightly depending 
on the array type:

  * "Flat value array": valueArrayOop, specifically for holding values
    of "element_klass" type (always a "value type") and nothing else
      o Loads and stores of null are not permitted
  * "Object array": objArrayOop whose "element_klass" is not a "value
    type", e.g. "Object", "Comparable" etc
      o Maintains the same behavior for both objects and values.
  * "Non-flat value array": objArrayOop whose "element_klass" is
    specifically a "value type". This is left in the code for handling
    special cases like "atomic value class" or "really large value
    class" or "many embedded oops value class", where flattening seems
    unsuitable. Unclear if this use-case will survive in the long run.
      o   Maintains the same semantics as "Flat Value Array", i.e.:
        Loads and stores of null are not permitted

So semantically, there are two types, "value array" and "object array".

Testing: "runtime/valhalla/valuetypes/ValueTypeArray.java" now passes. I 
was a bit concerned for "aaload" performance given it needs to test for 
flat array oop (i.e. loads "klass->_layout_helper"). I added a 
simulation in a patch in the experiment ("exp") branch, and through it 
through our performance "sanity" benchmarks, no regressions. Even small 
micro-benchmark had a hard time seeing any difference. So I will avoid 
any premature optimization for now, until proven otherwise.

TODO: some further test cases which are better suited to ValueOops and 
bytecode API testing, which is a different bug. Also, for the 
objArrayOop containers I didn't bother passing by value, so a further 
test for ensuring "withfield" is COW op and not affecting the reference 
would be a good idea.


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