State of javac support for lworld-values.

Srikanth srikanth.adayapalam at
Mon Mar 26 11:28:04 UTC 2018

On Monday 26 March 2018 04:41 PM, Remi Forax wrote:
> I agree with Srikanth, if we want to test the compatibility, the best is to compile the same way the code will be compiled in real life.
> Does the sample below emits the same error ?
>    if (y != x) {}

Is that a trick question ??

Yes, I get the same error for all lines in:

  Object o = null;
        if (x == y) {}
         if (y == x) {}
         if (x != y) {}
         if (y != x) {}
         if (x == x) {}
         if (x != x) {}
         if (x == o) {}
         if (o == x) {}
         if (x != o) {}
         if (o != x) {}

(the error for x == x and x != x read odd, but they are unlikely in 

> (4) in my opinion, should be solved by introducting in 11 of a serie of new warnings for the class that are marked as value based class.
>      All the errors on value types should be warnings on the value based class.

Thanks, I'll wait for any comments on the risks of whether this could be 
misconstrued as a promise/guarantee of imminent release of value types 
and if not, propose it for jdk11.


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