Valhalla project repository status: Branched off "LW1" in preparation for "LW2"

David Simms david.simms at
Thu Oct 18 07:50:25 UTC 2018

Some recent changes to the Valhalla Project repository:

Named branch "lw1" has been created from the tag "lw1_0", which was the initial minimal LWorld protoype, or LW1 EA (Build 0 (2018/7/30).
Said branch has then had all current changes from "lworld" merged to it for folks wanting latest bug fixes.

"lworld" may now contain changes with lw2 semantics with disturbing anyone needing to work with lw1.

Current branches (hg branches)...

* default: periodically updated copy of jdk/jdk (i.e. JDK mainline,, contains no project changes)
* exp: ad-hoc experimental branch for various collaboration efforts (not currently used)
* lworld: LWorld series of prototype, receives updates (merges) from "default" (Current prototyping work)
* lw1: LW1 minimal LWorld prototype, build-0 at tag lw1_0 (Dead release branch, branched from "lworld")
* mvt: Minimal Value Types prototype, (Dead release branch)
* nestmates: Nest-Based access control work(JEP 181)

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