Valhalla project repository status: Branched off "LW1" in preparation for "LW2"

David Simms david.simms at
Mon Oct 29 09:54:31 UTC 2018

Added the tag "lworld_stable" to the "lworld" branch, describes last 
known working build. It will be moved every time we merge from mainline 
JDK and have a green from continuous integration.

This is to allow the repository to be temporarily "broken" in terms of 
testing, when pivoting from LW1 to LW2 semantics. There are a number of 
changes from multiple folks coming soon, and it's just easier to relax 
CI rules for this short period.

Anyone wanting to play with:
* LW1, should use "lw1" branch.
* latest changes from "lworld" that actual *work*, update to "lworld_stable"

/David Simms

On 18/10/18 9:50 AM, David Simms wrote:
> Some recent changes to the Valhalla Project repository: 
> Named branch "lw1" has been created from the tag "lw1_0", which was 
> the initial minimal LWorld protoype, or LW1 EA (Build 0 (2018/7/30).
> Said branch has then had all current changes from "lworld" merged to 
> it for folks wanting latest bug fixes.
> "lworld" may now contain changes with lw2 semantics with disturbing 
> anyone needing to work with lw1.
> Current branches (hg branches)...
> * default: periodically updated copy of jdk/jdk (i.e. JDK mainline, 
>, contains no project changes)
> * exp: ad-hoc experimental branch for various collaboration efforts 
> (not currently used)
> * lworld: LWorld series of prototype, receives updates (merges) from 
> "default" (Current prototyping work)
> * lw1: LW1 minimal LWorld prototype, build-0 at tag lw1_0 (Dead 
> release branch, branched from "lworld")
> * mvt: Minimal Value Types prototype, (Dead release branch)
> * nestmates: Nest-Based access control work(JEP 181)

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