RFR(L) Valhalla support for AArch64

Dmitry Samersoff dms at samersoff.net
Sat Jan 26 14:30:14 UTC 2019

Hello Everybody,

Please review changes against lworld branch:


*What is done:*

*  Shared interface changes is adopted.
*  24 tests of 24 from runtime/valhalla/valuetypes are passed.
*   7 of 8 tests from compiler/valhalla/valuetypes are passed.

*Open points:*

1. Support for ValueTypePassFieldsAsArgs=true, which is false by
   default, is not implemented.

      I did required changes but realized that I have no specific
      tests and I don't like resulting code in general.

      Plan to address this issue in a separate turn.

2. Support for MatchVVEPNode is not implemented.

      This work is in progress. Is there any specific tests?

3. One test still fails (and JNI test was not run)

      compiler/valhalla/valuetypes/TestNewAcmp.java fails with:
      Test failed: should return false

      Investigation is in progress.

4. templateTable_aarch64 code is not optimal

      I played a bit with templateTable optimization,
      but finally decided to keep the code as close to x86 as possible
      to simplify review.

      Plan to address this issue later.


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