Valhalla project repository status: Branched off "LW2"

David Simms david.simms at
Fri Jul 5 10:16:21 UTC 2019

Some recent changes to the Valhalla Project repository:

Named branch "lw2" has been created to allow further changes in "lworld" 
without affecting the stability of LW2 EA

Current branches (hg branches)...

  * default: periodically updated copy of jdk/jdk (i.e. JDK mainline,, contains no project changes)
  * exp: ad-hoc experimental branch for various collaboration efforts
    (not currently used)
  * lworld: LWorld series of prototype, receives updates (merges) from
    "default" (Current prototyping work)
  * lw1: LW1 minimal LWorld prototype, (Dead release branch)
  * lw2: LW2 L-World inline-types prototype
  * mvt: Minimal Value Types prototype, (Dead release branch)
  * nestmates: Nest-Based access control work(JEP 181)


/David Simms

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