C2 doesn't hoist out flattened value array guard out of loops

Sergey Kuksenko sergey.kuksenko at oracle.com
Thu Mar 28 21:37:59 UTC 2019

Please, look into that issue 

That issue is real showstopper for any other valhalla performance 

Large performance regression is observed on numerous legacy (non-value) 
code working with Object[] arrays comparing -XX:+EnableValhalla vs 

For example:
- Arrays.hasCode(Object[]) - 60% slowdown
- for loop Object[] to Object[] copying - 2x times slowdown
- pass elements of Object[] - 90% slowdown.
- etc....

Small set of simple benchmarks could be found 

The reason of that that check if arrays is flattened value array was not 
hoisted out of the loop and checked on each iteration.

  asm for check (e.g.):
  mov 0x8(%r10),%r8d
  sar $0x1d,%r8d
  cmp $0xfffffffd,%r8d
  jne 0x00007f4d008cc2ad

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