RFR(M): 8223029: [lworld] C2 support for widening/narrowing conversion "[QFoo;" <: "[LFoo;”

Tobias Hartmann tobias.hartmann at oracle.com
Wed May 8 12:00:05 UTC 2019


please review the following patch:

This is based on Mr. Simms' patch for 8223017 [1].

I've changed the type system (ciTypeFlow.cpp and type.cpp) to not fall back to [Object when meeting
[V and [V? because [V <: [V? allows conversion between the two. Whenever we access a [V?, we now
need to check if the actual type is a (potentially flattened) [V. I've changed the array_load and
array_store implementation in parse2.cpp accordingly. In addition, I disabled folding of klass loads
for [V? in memnode.cpp because the actual type might be [V.

I've noticed that GraphKit::gen_value_type_array_guard() currently always deoptimizes when storing
null to a [V? because we only check if the array element is a value type but not if the array is
really null-free. I've fixed that and added a corresponding test (TestArrayAccessDeopt.java).

I've also noticed that sometimes we were only checking ValueArrayFlatten where we should really also
check vk->flatten_array() if the klass is known. I've fixed that as well and added a test

I've added lots of tests to TestNullableArrays to verify correctness of widening and narrowing

Changes to other files are refactoring.


[1] http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~dsimms/valhalla/8223017/

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