RFR 8223729 [lworld] Initial C1 implementation for -XX:ACmpOnValues=3

Ioi Lam ioi.lam at oracle.com
Fri May 10 22:32:29 UTC 2019


This is a rough implementation that passes all the tests in TestNewAcmp, 
but more optimizations can be done (see FIXME in the code).

If both operands are known to be inlined instances, the generated code is:

        76: cmp    %rdx,%rsi             ; x == y ?
        79: je      L_2

        85: cmp    $0x0,%rsi             ; null check for x
        89: je      L_4
        95: cmp    $0x0,%rdx             ; null check for y
        99: je      L_4
       105: jmpq    L_5

   L_4 110: mov    $0x0,%edi             ; not equal
       115: jmpq    L_7

   L_5 120: mov    %rsi,%rdi             ; shuffle parameters for 
isSubstitutable(x, y)
       123: mov    %rsi,0x28(%rsp)       ; why is this code here?
       128: mov    %rdi,%rsi
       131: mov    %rdx,%rdi
       134: mov    %rdx,0x20(%rsp)
       139: mov    %rdi,%rdx

       142: nop
       143: callq  0x00007f9ca0865c20    ; 

       148: cmp    $0x1,%eax
       151: mov    $0x0,%edi
       156: jne     L_7

   L_2 162: mov    $0x1,%edi

   L_7 ....


(1) I decided to do the explicit null check, as it may be common to do 
something like

     Object x = .., y = a_static_field_thats_null;
     if (x == y) {...}

     and I don't want to trigger a signal for every acmp in this situation.

(2) The explicit null check can be removed if both operands are not nullable
     (or with profiling).

(3) If x and y are of type Object, etc, there are more checks (lines 41 
~ 89 below).
     As I mentioned in the FIXME, lines 41~75 can be simplified down to 
     5 instructions on x64.

        12: cmp    %rdx,%rsi
        15: je      L_1
        21: cmp    $0x0,%rsi
        25: je      L_5
        31: cmp    $0x0,%rdx
        35: je      L_5

        // check if x and y are inline types
        41: mov    $0x405,%rdi
        51: mov    (%rsi),%rbx
        54: and    %rdi,%rbx
        57: cmp    %rdi,%rbx
        60: jne     L_5
        66: mov    (%rdx),%rbx
        69: and    %rdi,%rbx
        72: cmp    %rdi,%rbx
        75: jne     L_5

        // check if x and y of the same type
        81: mov    0x8(%rsi),%edi
        84: mov    0x8(%rdx),%ebx
        87: cmp    %ebx,%edi
        89: je      L_6

   L_5  95: mov    $0x0,%edi
       100: jmpq    L_8

(4) I had to add "-XX:CompileCommand=exclude,java.lang.ClassValue::*" to 
TestNewAcmp.java for
     C1, or else ValueBootstrapMethods::isSubstitutable() works 
incorrectly. I'll investigate that
     in a follow-on bug.

- Ioi

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