Review Request: 8238358: Implementation of JEP 371: Hidden Classes

Mandy Chung mandy.chung at
Sun Apr 12 03:13:07 UTC 2020

Please review the delta patch:

Incremental specdiff:
This is to follow a discussion [1] on Class::descriptorString and 
MethodType::descriptorString for hidden classes.   The proposal is to 
define the descriptor string for a hidden class of this form:
     "L" + N + ";" + "/" + <suffix>

The spec of `Lookup::defineHiddenClass`, `Class::descriptorString` and 
`MethodType::descriptorString` are updated to return the descriptor of 
this form for a hidden class.   To support hidden class, 
`java.lang.invoke.TypeDescriptor` spec is revised such that a 
`TypeDescriptor` object can represent an entity that may not be 
described in nominal form.     This change affects JVM TI, JDWP and 
JDI.    The spec change includes a couple other JVM TI and 
java.instrument spec clarification w.r.t. hidden classes that Serguei 
has been working on.


As a record, the above patch is applied on the top:

webrev.06 includes the following changes that have been reviewed:
1. rename "weak hidden" and Klass::is_hidden_weak to is_non_strong_hidden
2. remove unused `setImplMethod` method from lambda proxy class
3. include Serguei's patch to fix JDK-8242166: regression in JDI 
ClassUnload events
4. drop the uniqueness guarantee of the suffix of the hidden class's name

On 3/31/20 8:01 PM, Mandy Chung wrote:
> Thanks to the review feedbacks.
> Updated webrev:
> Delta between webrev.03 and webrev.04:
> Summary of changes is:
> 1. Update javac to retain the previous behavior when compiling to 
> target release <= 14 where lambda proxy class is not a nestmate
> 2. Rename Class::isHiddenClass to Class::isHidden
> 3. Address Joe's feedback on the CSR to document the behavior of the 
> relevant methods in java.lang.Class for hidden classes
> 4. Add test case for unloadable class with nest host error
> 5. Add test cases for hidden classes with different kinds of class or 
> interface
> 6. Update dcmd to drop "weak hidden class" and refer it as "hidden class"
> 7. Small changes in response to Remi, Coleen, Paul's review comments
> 8. Fix copyright headers
> 9. Fix @modules in tests
> Most of the changes above have also been reviewed as separate patches.
> Thanks
> Mandy
> On 3/26/20 4:57 PM, Mandy Chung wrote:
>> Please review the implementation of JEP 371: Hidden Classes. The main 
>> changes are in core-libs and hotspot runtime area.  Small changes are 
>> made in javac, VM compiler (intrinsification of 
>> Class::isHiddenClass), JFR, JDI, and jcmd.  CSR [1]has been reviewed 
>> and is in the finalized state (see specdiff and javadoc below for 
>> reference).
>> Webrev:
>> javadoc/specdiff
>> JVMS 5.4.4 change:
>> CSR:
>> Thanks
>> Mandy
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> [3]

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