[lworld] Integrated: 8252024: [lworld] Lock ordering issue when printing nmethod labels

Tobias Hartmann thartmann at openjdk.java.net
Mon Dec 14 12:26:14 UTC 2020

On Mon, 14 Dec 2020 11:21:29 GMT, Tobias Hartmann <thartmann at openjdk.org> wrote:

> We hit an assert while printing nmethod entry point labels when attempting to create a symbol from the `SigEntry` to iterate over. The problem is that we are holding the tty lock and symbol creation also acquires certain locks. I've refactored the code to completely avoid symbol creation and also fixed an issue where names of reference argument types are not printed anymore (because we don't keep track of that in `SigEntry`). I've also removed lots of dead code leftovers from old reserved entry support in the calling convention.
> Thanks,
> Tobias

This pull request has now been integrated.

Changeset: 34232ad1
Author:    Tobias Hartmann <thartmann at openjdk.org>
URL:       https://git.openjdk.java.net/valhalla/commit/34232ad1
Stats:     186 lines in 13 files changed: 34 ins; 78 del; 74 mod

8252024: [lworld] Lock ordering issue when printing nmethod labels


PR: https://git.openjdk.java.net/valhalla/pull/302

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