Trust final fields in records

Mandy Chung mandy.chung at
Fri Jun 12 16:53:51 UTC 2020

No change on setAccessible that will succeed on any fields as it is today.

The proposed change is that final fields of a record are not modifiable 
(i.e. no reflective write access) and  Field::set on a Field object with 
no reflective write access will throw IllegalAccessException.

Today Field::set behavior:
- Static final fields have no write access
- Non-static final fields in a hidden class have no write access
- Non-static final fields on normal classes (that are not records) have 
reflective write access

No change to the above.


On 6/12/20 4:35 AM, Johannes Kuhn wrote:
> Jackson will break. It loves to call setAccessible on everything - 
> even when explicitly disabled [1].
> The other thing to consider is if setAccessible should fail, or if it 
> should still allow read access, similar to static final fields.
> - Johannes
> [1]:
> On 12-Jun-20 12:57, Brian Goetz wrote:
>> If the fields cannot be made accessible, this means that 3rd party 
>> serialization frameworks will choke on records, right?
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>>> On Jun 12, 2020, at 5:10 AM, Chris Hegarty 
>>> <chris.hegarty at> wrote:
>>>> On 12 Jun 2020, at 02:52, Mandy Chung <mandy.chung at> wrote:
>>>> Hi Christoph,
>>>> I can sponsor your patch.  I create 
>>> This is great. I remember thinking (saying?) similar when we settled 
>>> on record serialization not needing to muck around with field 
>>> stuffing (among the motivating factors for how records deserialize). 
>>> This is a great step forward, nice to see it progressing.
>>> -Chris.

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