Transition project Valhalla to git and GitHub

David Simms david.simms at
Tue Mar 10 08:04:03 UTC 2020

So there is some delay due to a combination of timezones and a minor 
technical issue mail notifications (which we prefer to have working)...

...should be a day or two more.

During this delay, it is totally okay push to the repository, a notice 
10 minutes before the move will go out (even then individual commits can 
be moved after the fact).

/David Simms

On 26/02/20 10:35 am, David Simms wrote:
> Hi all,
> You might have heard that there is an OpenJDK project named Skara 
> evaluating and trialing using Git for OpenJDK and GitHub for hosting 
> the repositories [1]. We have been asked to try out Git, GitHub and 
> the Skara tooling, as a means of validating, and to provide feedback 
> about the Project Skara effort. There is already a number of OpenJDK 
> projects using Git, GitHub and Skara:
> - OpenJFX
> - OpenJMC
> - Loom
> - Mobile
> - Panama (the "foreign" branches)
> - Skara
> A transition entails switching to Git as an SCM (see the Git manual 
> [2]), and the repository would be hosted on GitHub [3]. After the 
> transition, the current Mercurial repository would no longer be 
> updated. There is currently already a read-only mirror of Valhalla in 
> place [4], you can it use to try out Git and some of the tooling, 
> though submitting pull requests and pushing will not work (as it is a 
> read-only mirror).
> I suggest that project Valhalla transition to git, GitHub and Skara 
> and that we set the target date for the transition to around 2 weeks 
> from now. How about Monday the 9th of March? I also suggest we adopt 
> GitHub's pull request workflow together with the bots from project Skara.
> Adopting pull requests and the Skara bots means that the review 
> process would work partly through GitHub. In particular, all changes 
> must start out as pull requests. Skara automatically generates 
> webrevs, "RFR" emails and supports bi-directional syncing between 
> mailing lists and GitHub for those that prefer using webrev and the 
> mailing lists. If you are unfamiliar with GitHub and pull requests, I 
> suggest checking out GitHub's guide [5]. Note that project Skara also 
> provides CLI tools for interacting with GitHub for those that prefer 
> working from a terminal. You can find more info about these tools on 
> the Skara wiki page [6] or from the Skara README [7].
> If you have any comments or questions regarding this transition, 
> please reply to this thread.
> Cheers,
> Mr. Simms
> [1] :
> [2] :
> [3] :
> [4] :
> [5] :
> [6] :
> [7] :

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