It's not safe until it's in the coffer

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Thu May 9 21:51:30 UTC 2019

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> On 09/05/2019 13:35, forax at wrote:
>> yes, it's verbose by design.
> I object to this a bit.

if it's just a bit :)

> There will be cases where using nullable projection will be _the only_
> way to solve certain problems (e.g. to build value types that can
> reference to themselves). Forcing an heavy syntax on these cases seems
> punitive. 

it's notheavy, it's bulkier than the V? syntax

> You seem to assume that, once we have specialized generics,
> people will just use them and forget about nullable projections. I don't
> think that's the case, and some internal discussions we started (e.g. to
> sprinkle values on HashMap implementation) seem to point in that
> direction too.

no, i don't assume that, i assume that the nullable projection is a double edged sword so you can use it at your own risk but for that you have to opt-in and not use randomly V or V? because you don't want to know the difference.

> Maurizio


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