Brian Goetz brian.goetz at
Thu Jan 17 16:26:06 UTC 2019

> Being able to call this something like `break-with v` (or some other derived keyword) would have made this all a lot simpler. (BTW, we can still do this, since expression-switch is still in preview.)

It seems we’re all in favor of break-with over unadorned “break”?  

Which feeds into the bigger question about promoting expression switch to final in 13.  I don’t think this syntactic change on its own merits re-previewing the feature; this is exactly the sort of “feature is finished, but we might change the paint color based on feedback” kind of thing that the preview mechanism was intended for.  

We don’t have to make this decision quite yet, but sometime between now and feature-freeze for 13 (June) we have to take one of the following actions:

 - File a JEP to make it a permanent feature, possibly with changes
 - File a JEP to re-preview it, possibly with changes
 - Withdraw the feature

We can continue to gather feedback on the feature and revisit later.  

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