RFR: 8009280: JCE jurisdiction policy files not copied into jdk/lib/security

Mike Duigou mike.duigou at oracle.com
Fri Aug 16 20:48:03 UTC 2013

On Aug 16 2013, at 13:17 , Brad Wetmore wrote:

> Currently, the only way to get a valid build is to do an images build. Having to do a full image build adds too much time to the think/edit/compile/run environment.

Have you looked at either sjavac or the JDK_FILTER features to reduce the overhead of compiling the jdk target?

My concern is that primarily that any "wart" or special case we add now to the build process becomes the "wart" we have to support forever and this could make future efforts like making sjavac compilation the default suddenly more difficult.

If there are reasons to do it differently for the security components beyond what every jdk developer might want (not recompile the 9900 files every build) then those might certainly provide rationale.

> The default target build:
>    % make381

> will not create a valid JCE environment.

This could be corrected by changing the default to "images". The current default isn't really useful to anyone.


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