JTreg Build/Documentation Feedback

Richard Warburton richard.warburton at gmail.com
Fri Jun 21 06:48:14 PDT 2013


Just a bit of feedback on building jtreg myself.  Compilation issues are
with respect to building the hg head.

*Java.net Projects*
Documentation and links for jtharness and sigtest both point to the
java.netsites.  It looks like the code is now hosted in openjdk, in
code tools.  Is
there any reason for the documentation to be somewhere totally different
rather than standardised on the openjdk wiki?

*Java 7*
By default jtreg doesn't seem to compile with a java 7 JDK, because even
though target is set to 5, source isn't set and the combination of
source=7, target=5 isn't allowed.  Proposal: when target is set to 5, set
source to 5 as well or tell people to use a Java 6 jvm.

*Optional Dependencies*
Both junit and testng are listed as optional dependencies, but the default
build (make -C make) fails without them available.  It would be more
friendly to have a better error message around this or not compile
junit/testng specific code if the dependency is missing.

The make script seems to assume that the non-standard
directory /java/devtools/share/ exists and puts junit and testng from that
path on the classpath.  I needed to create this directory and symbol /opt
to it, even though junit and testng were in the places referred to by
make/build.properties.  Again this is using 'make -C make'


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