CodeTools proposal: "JTHarness"

Kevin Looney kevin.looney at
Wed Feb 26 13:31:12 PST 2014

Name: JTHarness

Summary: A collection of tools used to evaluate platform compatibility 
and API change.

Proposed by: Kevin Looney


JTHarness is already an Open Source project, located under the ME 
OpenSource infrastructure:

This is not a proposal for a new project, it is a proposal for a 
transfer of the JTHarness ( project into the OpenJDK CodeTools 
community, and moderation under OpenJDK bylaws.

The JT harness is based on Oracle's JavaTest (TM) Harness. The JT 
harness is a general purpose, fully-featured, flexible, and configurable 
test harness very well suited for most types of unit testing. Originally 
developed as a test harness to run Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) 
test suites, it has since evolved into a general purpose test platform.

The JT harness:

  * Is designed to configure, sequence, and run test suites that consist
    of many (100,000 or more) discrete, independent tests. It is
    especially good at testing APIs and compilers.
  * Can be used to run tests on all of the Java platforms, from the Java
    Card platform, to the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition ("Java EE").
  * Enables you to create test suites that are self-contained products
    that customers can easily configure and run.

The JTHarness open source project was created in 2006 - in order to 
develop a community that will improve the harness, improve software 
development techniques with respect to platform compatibility, and 
enhance the development of software test suites. We expect to continue 
this charter through inclusion in OpenJDK.

kevin.looney at

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