CodeTools proposal: "jdk-microbenchmarks"

Eric Caspole eric.caspole at
Thu Aug 24 21:01:10 UTC 2017

Name: jdk-microbenchmarks

Summary: A collection of JMH [0] based microbenchmarks focused on the 
JDK APIs and JVM functionality.

Proposed by: Eric Caspole


There is not yet any similar collection of JMH benchmarks in OpenJDK, 
and we have a collection of >200 microbenchmarks covering some of the 
JDK API that we could place into OpenJDK from earlier closed jdk work.

We have seen that JDK developers create useful JMH based micros in the 
course of their work, but since there is no well known place to save and 
reuse them, they are forgotten or discarded after a bug is fixed etc, 
but these micros could be reused for regression testing.

This collection of microbenchmarks is intended to remain focused on JDK 
APIs and JVM features primarily for the current release and the upcoming 
release in development. At some future time this collection may be used 
in release performance/regression testing.

We would like to place this as a OpenJDK/codetools sub-project.

[0] -

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