CodeTools proposal: "jdk-microbenchmarks"

Jonathan Gibbons jonathan.gibbons at
Thu Aug 24 21:09:07 UTC 2017


This seems like a good addition to the Code Tools world.

-- Jon

On 08/24/2017 02:01 PM, Eric Caspole wrote:
> Name: jdk-microbenchmarks
> Summary: A collection of JMH [0] based microbenchmarks focused on the 
> JDK APIs and JVM functionality.
> Proposed by: Eric Caspole
> Rationale:
> There is not yet any similar collection of JMH benchmarks in OpenJDK, 
> and we have a collection of >200 microbenchmarks covering some of the 
> JDK API that we could place into OpenJDK from earlier closed jdk work.
> We have seen that JDK developers create useful JMH based micros in the 
> course of their work, but since there is no well known place to save 
> and reuse them, they are forgotten or discarded after a bug is fixed 
> etc, but these micros could be reused for regression testing.
> This collection of microbenchmarks is intended to remain focused on 
> JDK APIs and JVM features primarily for the current release and the 
> upcoming release in development. At some future time this collection 
> may be used in release performance/regression testing.
> We would like to place this as a OpenJDK/codetools sub-project.
> [0] -

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