RFR(XS): CODETOOLS-7902075: jtreg doesn't build if jh.jar doesn't contain signatures

Volker Simonis volker.simonis at gmail.com
Fri Dec 1 16:29:44 UTC 2017


can I please have a sponsor for the following simple fix of the jtreg build:


Change "7901920: jh.jar is signed with a weak algorithm and its
certificate is expired" introduced a logic to remove outdated
signatures from jh.jar.

However, there's no default location for downloading jh.jar and
probably most available versions (e.g. the one from Maven:
if not all of them don't contain signatures at all. This breaks the
build because removing the signatures from the jar file with zip will
fail with the following error:

zip warning: name not matched: META-INF/*.SF
zip warning: name not matched: META-INF/*.RSA
zip warning: name not matched: META-INF/*.DSA
zip error: Nothing to do!

It would be great if the sponsor could also tag this fix with
jtreg4.2-b11 after pushing it because the last tagged version (i.e.
jtreg4.2-b10) doesn't build out of the box without JCov (which should
be optional and which was fixed by "7902072: Add support for imported
license files").

Thank you and best regards,

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