problem building compiler with nb 6m10

Per Bothner Per.Bothner at Sun.COM
Fri Aug 3 00:59:29 PDT 2007

Jesse Glick wrote:
> The build script is simply broken.

It seems disturbing that a high-profile Sun public open-source
project is unbuildable for a month ...

> I already posted an unrelated patch 
> to nb-projects-dev a month ago to add extra targets to the compiler 
> project which as an aside included a fix, but in case you missed that, 
> try the attached.

Thanks!  I was able to get this to work.  Also, I was able to generate
a fairly clean patch for the version of javac we've been using to
build the javafx compiler, so it is now feasible to for us to track
javac.  Yeah!
	--Per Bothner
per.bothner at   per at

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