KSL updated to b16

Thorsten van Ellen thorsten at vanellen.de
Tue Mar 3 14:54:11 PST 2009


can you tell us how did you do that exactly? This might be useful for some 
people (and me).

Best regards

Thorsten van Ellen

Jonathan Gibbons schrieb, Thu Aug 9 18:10:11 PDT 2007:
> Team,
> I've finally figured out enough Subversion to update the KSL repository
> to the level of OpenJDK b16.
> (TeamWare, Mercurial, Subversion ... too many SCMs!)
> I would have done b17, except that it is missing the tests, because of
> an over-optimistic build
> optimization. Whoops.
> Now that I think I have it figured out, I'll try and keep the sources
> updated in a more timely manner.
> -- Jon

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