KSL: announcing new project Simeuluë and asking some initial questions

Stephen Colebourne scolebourne at btopenworld.com
Wed Mar 4 12:16:58 PST 2009

Thorsten van Ellen wrote:
> This is a new concept that is also valid for other languages. The raw 
> concept is clear, some scientific publications already have been 
> successful. The open source implementation will follow. A scientific 
> evaluation is planned and at the same time the implementation can also 
> be tested publicly.
> * How can i prepare best for a simple future "JSR-patch" of the official 
> JDK?
You should think of a JSR as years away and focus on the immediate problems.

> * Which JDK would be the best starting point? 6 or 7? Which Build?
> * Where can I or should I start the open source project?
> E.g. at dev.java.net or openjdk.java.net or is there any other more 
> reasonable place? Part of Kijaro project (SVN) or own project (SVN on 
> dev.java.net or mercurial on OpenJDK)?

Kijaro's purpose is to provide a home to anyone trying to enhance the 
existing Java language with new ideas. It was started in the days before 
the OpenJDK and is slightly less relevent now.

For your use case (an academic one), I would recommend working directly 
from the OpenJDK7 hg repo.

> What license is appropriate for the open source project to be able to 
> propose a JSR finally? GPL v2?

Sun's OpenJDK license choice forces your hand to be GPL2.

> I already started with a page on dev.java.net:
> https://simeulue.dev.java.net.
> There you can find more information about the open source project and 
> some scientific articles.


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