javadoc no longer inherits doc from sourcepath

Martin Buchholz martinrb at
Thu Apr 8 15:22:39 PDT 2010

Hi javadoc team,

This is a bug report.  Seems pretty serious - S2?

javadoc man page says,

       The source file for the inherited method need only be on the path spec
       ified by -sourcepath for the doc comment to actually be available to
       copy. Neither the class nor its package needs to be passed in on the
       command line. This contrasts with 1.3.x and earlier releases, where the
       class had to be a documented class

It seems that the jdk has reverted to the 1.3.x behavior.
This happened somewhere between openjdk6-b12 and openjdk6-b13,
and is still broken at head of openjdk7.  But 6u19 works fine!


public class JavadocBug {
    public String toString() { return ""; }

Then try

javadoc -sourcepath $PATH_TO_JDK_SOURCES/src/share/classes


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