Request for Review JDK-8006948: Update javac for MethodParameters format change

Kumar Srinivasan kumar.x.srinivasan at
Fri Jan 25 10:54:27 PST 2013

> On 01/25/13 13:32, Kumar Srinivasan wrote:
>> Eric,
>>> Hello,
>>> Please review this change, which updates javac and the classfile library
>>> to reflect changes in the class file format of MethodParameters
>>> attributes.
>> What was the reason to make this change ?
> It was decided that the SYNTHESIZED flag would be 0x8000, not 0x10000 as
> it was in a previous version of the spec.  Therefore, there is no reason
> for the flags field to be u4.
Right I read the discussions on the rationale now.
> It bears mention that the u4 causes alignment trap issues if not handled
> carefully.
>> Not  true, this will break pack200. and there are  tests in place for this.
> What would it take to update these tests accordingly?  I assume they are
> in TL, and thus can be addressed with a follow-up?


>> also a spec change for JSR-200 is needed to accommodate this.
> Then whoever is in charge of that spec should take note of the changes to
I would need to do this, since it is platform spec.


> Note: I am not in charge of the enhanced metadata spec.  Please consult
> Alex regarding any issues.

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