Java Bytecode assembler

Chris Phillips @ T O ChrisPhi at LGonQn.Org
Thu Jul 10 15:18:29 UTC 2014

I am looking for the tool that is used to "assemble" .jasm files. Is it 
available and where would
I find it if so ?

Mentioned here : 

For runtime tests, the source field contains the names of the files 
previously compiled to create the test's class files. Precompiled class 
files are included with the JCK. Source files are included for reference 
only. Source files are often .java files, but can also be .jasm or .jcod 


    .jasmis a low level bytecode assembler designed to assemble class
    files containing sets of bytecodes that are unusual or invalid for
    use in runtime tests


    .jcod is a class level assembler designed to build classes with
    unusual or invalid structure for use in runtime tests

These tools are used to generate class files that cannot be reliably 
generated by a Java compiler.

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