Change in behavior of in JDK 8 running with -proc:only ?

Boaz Nahum boaznahum at
Tue Mar 11 15:27:44 UTC 2014


I hope some can give me hint how anlyse our probelms with JDK 8.

We use some code like this to do annotation processing (for generating

            JavaCompiler.CompilationTask task =
                javaCompiler.getTask(null, fileManager, diagnostics,
optionsAsList, null, compilationUnits);

            BuildingBlockParamProcessor processor = new
            List<Processor> processors = new ArrayList<Processor>();
if(!{ .... }

The code we try to process won't be compile in regular environment - a lot
of stuff is missing from classpath.
But that is OK, we use '-proc:only' and we *thought* that this what allows
us to ignore the errors.

When we moved to JDK 8, the exact code fails, returns false.

*My question, is a possibilty that '-proc:only' is ignored in JDK 8 ?*

*Or maybe there is by-design change regarding annotation processing that we
need to be aware of ?*
I want to mention that if the early EAP of JDK 8 , this code run without
any problems.

(Moving to annotation processing during compilation is big effort for us)

Any tip/hint will be appreciatively accepted

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