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Tue Apr 14 06:40:15 UTC 2015

Good morning Jonathan, Member of the OpenJDK Developer group.

1. Today I joined the OpenJDK Compiler-dev mailing list and want to make sure:
- I behave well on that list,
- That I blend in with the rest of the crowd,
- do not start to ask the wrong questions to the wrong people here,
- do not want to waste peoples valuable time, by asking stuff that I can find and learn myself.
That is why I sent you this email first, so I can fully understand the true nature of this mailing list.

2. INTRODUCTION: (Allow me to introduce myself briefly)
Ronald, 50 years young IT veteran, started my journey 35 years behind a the keyboard of a:
- Tandy TRS-80 of my friend's father (
- Later I bought my own Texas TI99/4a homecomputer (  
After that I switch to PC computing ( 
and continued walking that PC-path ever since.

3. I am an auto-didactic/ self-learner, so I learn everything myself (given good documentation and crystal-clear-and-simple-examples).
I graduated as a "Industrial Automation" Engineer in the Netherland (kind of a "Bachelor of Computer Science" in the Netherlands)
I have 18 years of "business experience" in a wide variety of IT firms and almost all IT-positions, a jack-of-all-trade so to speak.
I have programmed in many language over the years (professionally and hobby-wise):
- Texas Instrument Basic,
- Turbo Pascal, C, 
- Microsoft C, 
- Dbase III, IV,
- Clipper,
- Assembler (Motorola, intel),
- Prolog (a little bit in highschool)
- C++,(a little bit in highschool)
- Java (started in its very beginning, back in 1996, but never followed-through with it, in that time)

- Visual Basic 6
- Visual C

In short, I do understand computer-programming and have developer a programmers-mindset over all the years :-)

Since a few weeks, I have picked "my Java Trail" again and am currently up studying the Java Language again. On that trail, i encounters some 
javac generated compiler-errors and went looking for its documentation, error-meaning, and how to solve them. 
Makes sense right? Learning by doing, trail and error. 

This quickly expanded my thirst of knowledge into "wanting-to-know-how-a-java-compiler-does-its-thing" under the hood.
I landed on the OpenJDK page, and started studying that material along with many internet compiler-builder courses,

since I want to be fully 100% be able the inner-workings of the OpenJDK Java compiler (like you girls and guys do)

Currently i'm STUCK at this page:, Phase 2 - the ENTER phase of JAVAC:

That is the very reason why I have now joined your mailing list, to be able to communicate with the creators of the OpenJDK compiler directly. 
since I could not find any better information source online on this topic. Just like my grandpa though me, "Always go back to the source of your challenges"

- Is this allowed through the usage of this mailing list to ask question about it?
- Is this the right place to ask question on the inner workings of the OpenJDK compiler?

Thanks everybody for their reaction, hints, tips, contributions and shared knowledge.


Ronald Vermeij

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