Debuggability of lambdas

Maurizio Cimadamore maurizio.cimadamore at
Mon Jan 19 11:04:16 UTC 2015

Hi Staffan,
I found myself similar problems when trying to debug lambdas, I think 
your proposal seems very reasonable - and pretty much in line with what 
it's done i.e. inside anonymous classes which capture local variables 
from the enclosing scope. By analogy with that example, I'd say that 
variables such as your 'map' should be left alone?


On 19/01/15 10:46, Staffan Larsen wrote:
> I would like to get some feedback on my comments in a bug about how we 
> can improve the debuggability of lambdas. Please take a look at: 
> Thanks,
> /Staffan

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