Re: RFR: 8254105: allow static members in inner classes, add binary compatibil…

David Holmes david.holmes at
Fri Oct 9 01:16:28 UTC 2020

Hi Vincente,

On 9/10/2020 10:10 am, Vicente Romero wrote:
> Please review the fix for [JDK-8254105]( The intention of the fix is
> to allow static members to be declared inside inner classes. The spec allowing this change can be seen at [Local and
> Nested Static
> Declarations]( This change
> is part of the [Records JEP]( The idea is to allow not only records to be defined
> inside inner classes but also interfaces, enums, static classes and methods.

I'm rather confused. Is this intended to be the issue under which the 
implementation of JEP 395 is done? JEP 395 is only a Candidate at the 
moment so nothing in relation to that should be getting integrated yet. 
It is also unclear how the JDK-8254105 issue relates to the JDK-8246774 
issues, which appears to be intended to be the implementation issue for 
JEP 395.



> TIA,
> Vicente
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