Java 8 RFR 8020539: Clean up doclint problems in java.util package, part 2

Chris Hegarty chris.hegarty at
Thu Jul 18 09:56:11 UTC 2013

Sync's from jsr166 - > jdk8 are in progress. Paul and I have pushed, or 
still in flight, a number of changeset over the past number of weeks. I 
would hope to have the remainder of changes in jdk8 soon.

doclint issues should be fixed in jsr166 CVS first. Either work with 
Doug or Martin to provide patches based in the CVS source, or wait until 
jdk8 catches up, and then the patches should be applicable to both 
sources ( accounting for header offset ).


On 18/07/2013 02:03, Martin Buchholz wrote:
> I'm surprised no one has explained.
> The jsr166 project is upstream of openjdk and is primarily maintained by
> Doug Lea.
> Essentially every file that can be found in Doug's CVS under src/main/util
> is destined for inclusion in openjdk.
> If modifications are made to openjdk directly, they are at risk of being
> overwritten in the next sync.
> I wish syncs from jsr166 =>  openjdk were more frequent.  Certainly right
> now is a good time in the release process to do these kinds of syncs (and
> in fact they are in progress in other changesets).
> On Wed, Jul 17, 2013 at 4:37 PM, Brian Burkhalter<
> brian.burkhalter at>  wrote:
>> I'm not familiar with the JSR 166 CVS so perhaps someone with more history
>> could enlighten me. Otherwise, I would think that any such sync would be
>> the subject of a separate issue.
>> On Jul 17, 2013, at 2:42 PM, Martin Buchholz wrote:
>> I believe most doclint warnings have already been fixed for a while in
>> jsr166 CVS, so please sync and or leave them out of
>> this change.  (More generally, I'd like all of jsr166 CVS sync'ed to
>> openjdk8 asap)

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