Compiling jtreg?

Nick Williams nicholas+openjdk at
Tue Jul 30 13:37:05 UTC 2013

I'm working on a patch for some core libraries (hence why I'm emailing here -- hopefully someone will be sympathetic and help) and need to run the JDK tests. I'm following the instructions on to get jtreg installed so that I can run it. I have JDK15HOME and JDK16HOME set to my JDK 6 home directory. I have JavaHelp installed at JAVAHELP_HOME. I have JT Harness installed at JTHARNESS_HOME. I have Xalan installed at XALANHOME. I have JUnit installed at JUNIT_HOME. I have TestNG installed at TESTNG_HOME.

I cloned the HG repository and executed make -C make just like the directions said. I get 58 compile errors: It can't find Ant, JUnit, or TestNG classes. Can someone point me in the right direction?

1) I assume I must have to specify a classpath somehow for JUnit and TestNG, even though the directions don't say so. Thoughts on how?
2) The instructions say Ant is optional. So why is it mandatory?

(I didn't realize that it would take longer / be harder to get the tests running than to get the JDK compiling.)



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